About us

We are your #1 Independent Urban Gospel Radio & Broadcasting Network. Providing the world with a global collaborative fellowship within Praise & Worship, Christian Hip Hop, R&P Music, Inspirational Spoke Word and Spiritual Connection that will enhance your life on so many levels.    

   We are blessed to be that independent Christ centered platform that reach out to others around the world no matter the size of your church, ministry, outreach or talk show, for we truly believe the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is at work with each song, radio show & podcast that is aired here on 88.1 FM aka Faith Movement Radio.

Our Calling

FMG Media aka Praize365 has a unique calling to minister to others directly with the method of “Equipping the saints, Encouraging the saints, & Empowering the saints” through concept of gospel music, biblical teaching, social community.  

We have been commissioned to build upon the vision from the Lord, to bring live worship, pre-recorded, OnDemand services, talk shows, & podcast from around the world that will help change the lives of many.

How are we different than other websites?

We are not here to down play, out do, or change individuals platforms, but to add a little more knowledge, commitment, spiritual uplifting, and endorsements so one can be effective in ministry outwardly – to evangelize, to exhort and encourage the body of Christ. To establish a firm community that help one another like David did when he implemented the pattern of true worship, repentance, revival, power, deliverance, blessing, renewal, and peace and released it unto all nations. And to do this everyone input matters!

FMG Media is a website that promotes and distributes gospel music & faith base media through the methods of audio, videos, news and information from a faith-based and spirit-filled angles.

FMG Media is channeled towards keeping you informed, invigorated and creative while obtaining thousands of great music, inspiring teaching, inspirational talk radio, informative news & articles and lots more that will get you inspired whenever you visit our site.

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