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Today I was just setting back allowing my thoughts to cross my mind, focused on what life will be like next year, and how to begin my new vision in becoming more then just a man of God, but a goal driven, inspirational, motivational, creative, equip, and encouraging individuals who truly love the lord, and […]

Black Enterprise Presents SOAR Empowerment Series Of Events In Partnership With T.D. Jakes   Black Enterprise President and CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. and TDJ Enterprises CEO T.D. Jakes announced a partnership between the two prominent black-owned media and event companies, to present its inaugural SOAR! Empowerment Series of events which will kick off in Los Angeles on Feb. 9, 2019. Inspired by The New […]

Born and raised in Southern California, THE YOUNG ESCAPE (Capitol) delivers a fresh shot of EDM-infused indie pop with the energetic live show to match. Comprised of Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten, and Luke Johns, the band’s debut singles “good life” and “neverfade” are an alchemy of modern pop sheen and sophisticated edge, carried to otherworldly heights […]

Today was just sitting back, listening to a few songs, and I can assure that each song I listen to allows me to see the glory in God, but then there are songs that grants me that praise and worship feeling. You what I  mean right? That song, when ever things seem to be going […]

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