Praize365 Prayer Warrior Group

Praize365 Faith Radio [Peoria, IL]

Event info
Date: 2019-01-22
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Praize365 Faith Radio
Address: Studio A Peoria, IL

On this day, we pray that everyone will take advantage of our introduction of being a “Prayer Warrior”… We are now accepting application from those whom feel they have the heart and soul to truly pray for others, answer prayer request, reach out to our listeners, review comments and feedback, and be able to truly know that God is the key for all things in life.

Prayer Warrior Group is truly a dedicated members platform, that has been effective in so many areas of the radio ministry, church services, events andĀ  community programs. In order to continue to meet our listeners, fellowship, members, and staff needs, we must be willing to step up and be accountable for all our actions.

If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Warrior for Praize365 Faith Radio please contact us as soon as possible:

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