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Dr. Tony R. Smith / CEO of Praize365 / Radio Talk Show Host

There is no greater joy then the joy of serving God. I have been blessed to be a part of something so great and spiritual, I do my best to share it with others each chance that I get. As a minister, teacher and counselor I strive to help change the lives of those whom God has allowed me to build a creative and productive foundation with, as a I’m a professional Radio DJ/Talk Show Host it is a great joy to be able to share with others the journey of life I have traveled and was able to not only achieve my dreams, but also change my life around to be a strong example of what God can do in your life if you allow him to come forth and be the leadership of your lifes journey.

I have been a professional Radio DJ and Talk Show Host since 1996, I was blessed to attend a very strong educational status and university, in which I graduated with a BA Degree in Psychology and Counseling, a Master Degree in Psychology with emphasis of Faith Base Counseling & Christian Recovery Method for Addiction, which I obtain in the year of 2010, from Capella University. In the year of 2005, I begin this journey by attending Liberty Christian University, and obtain my BA Degree in Christian Counseling, and a BA Degree in Life Coaching Skills & Development

In the process of this journey, I begin to host live talk show’s over the radio that provide information about life changes and becoming a productive member within your community. My love and inspiration with the direction from my friend, mentor, teacher, and mother, Evangelist D. Smith of West Side Baptist Church of Chicago, IL., and Compassion Word Ministry on the Southside of Chicago. Her teaching and comfort didn’t come easy, not for me nor for her due to the fact my path in life begin with the attitude I desire and deserve better and will obtain it by all means even if it means by doing wrong thing in this life time of mines. But her love for me and God allowed her to stand firm and continue to believe that I had a better purpose in this world and it shall come to  past before she return home to our Lord and Savior.

I can truly say, she was right, and I thank God she never gave up on me nor any other family members especially her children.

Even though my path begin unreasonable & foolish, I am able to say that I strive to ensure that others can see the foundation and love God has for each and everyone on this earth. I move forward in grace to show my children how to be productive, creative, inspired, unique and full of faith so they too can obtain their dreams in life. In every way I can express how much I have to do before I be called home to sit at our Lords table. 

Since 2017, I been able to host not only inspiring radio shows, but also be a part of many different events from live Gospel Events, Christian Hip Hop Events, Spiritual speaker and guest speaking events, Ministerial Events, so much more in this world. God has allowed me to travel not only close to Chicago, IL, but also to many different states in order to place his love, his mercy, and grace in the hearts and soul of so many. I been honored with the presences of interviewing many Gospel Artist on many different levels and arena of the Gospel music industry.

As of 2021, am now blessed to open the doors to help our young men and women to stand firm in their faith, achieve their goals, and be a inspirational example for others. Through the efforts of building a platform that trains young men and women how to be a talk show host or event promoter, but also become a minister, teacher, counselor and even a Gospel artist if that’s their calling in life. I have open up my office and time, to allow these young men and women to use our music development studio to create their music or to learn how to be a producer or engineer for this inspiring industry. In my efforts, I do my best to provide information that will allow them to learn about this business but also understand that without the blessing of God one can not move forward.

My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca