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Written by on 2018-12-27

Today I was just setting back allowing my thoughts to cross my mind, focused on what life will be like next year, and how to begin my new vision in becoming more then just a man of God, but a goal driven, inspirational, motivational, creative, equip, and encouraging individuals who truly love the lord, and yet want to help others obtain the same joy that I have received by being a part of God’s kingdom.

As I was just thinking, the very comfort of knowing God begin to play within a song, a song I have heard before but never really given it much thought, but today it really begin to share with me a new found purpose in being able to please my father, and also be a true man of standards.

That is correct, “A True Man of Standard”….. Yes men of standards is a well known gospel group, with  a very unique voice, sound, musical vision and spiritual concept. In seeking out information concerning this group, I come to see that they have truly help changed the value of the Gospel Industry, placing different aspect of being a Gospel group, especially a man gospel group.

They have been together for over 10 years and counting, directing their music in 3 different albums, and yet continue to provide their signature sound, fresh spiritual approach, vocal ethical purpose, not just as a group, but also as men of God, leadership within the family of Christ, motivational directors of the church, and mostly deep fellowship within their group, family, friends, fellowship of the Church and more. 

What many have not realized is that Lowell Pye, Isaac Carree, Bryan Pierce and Michael Bacon have allo been called to service the Lord on so many platforms. You have them singing, preaching, building, teaching, and leading many to the body of Christ. Isaac Carree continues to build a strong network of listeners with his album, and song “Clean this House”… A song that truly present what may have asked to the Lord to do in their lives. Change, transformation, uplifting, overcoming, and  purpose is written in every volume of that song. Even as the group has been setting back for about 2 years after the album “Its a New Day”, I know deeply that they are only building a stronger album to be release very soon.

Men of Standard give us an platform to look deep within ourselves, to focus on our calling from God, and to create a new purpose of becoming more then just a preacher or teacher, but a strong network and connections to so many within their community as Godly men. 

Noel Hall —the longtime collaborator with Fred Hammond— handles much of the production, and he has express the joy of working with these young men, and how they uplifted his spirit when the time was needed without any asking what the problem may have been. “It was if God told them to reach out to me, and let me know that he has not left my side, and all I got to do is continue to follow his will and vision and  watch how he transform my very life”…..Quote: Noel Hall

It is amazing how God can take a life and transform that life into stage of testimony and strength, even as if the person may not even see what God is doing.. The song “Just Like You”, truly express’s that inspirational stage as well. Everyone speaks upon how they would place the group into a “all star” category, and is comprised of Maurice Fitzgerald (bass), Joey Woolfalk (acoustic/electric guitar), Hall (piano/keyboards) and Tommie Walker (keyboards/drum programming). Some newer but still familiar musical faces include Rexsall Hardy (drums/drum programming) and “The G.A.M.E.” (horns).

There is not a person who does not or have been praying that they will return with a new album, it is without a doubt that the love they will obtain from around the world can not be counted, but yet they will also feel that same deep consideration and peace from within the Gospel industry. We have some who may consider them to be a rebirth or twin set direction to what a golden age group known as: “The Commissions” who are truly one group everyone truly love to hear sing. With that acknowledgement, one can truly see that this group is becoming a part of the lives of so many people each time they sing.


Hopefully with the blessing of God, we have the very essences, and inspiring voices of “Men of Standards” once again in the near future. In fact, yes am shouting it out. “Guys don’t leave us hanging, give us back that deep, creative, spiritual, encouraging, and empowerment of God’s love through your rich voices of “Men of God”…….

We need you back!


Article Written: Praize365 Faith News Editor

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