365 Hour of Inspiration

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365 Hour of Inspiration

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365 Hour of Inspiration is a dedicated show to present all forms of Gospel music by so many amazing and faithful artist. Music is not just based off the word of today, but songs from the past, given you one of the best and inspiring music over the airwaves and internet.

Tune In, -- Praise with us, you will enjoy it all the way.


365 Hour of Inspiration is a inspiring and creative gospel radio show, presenting music from artist around the world, maybe someone in your community has been played on show, and with God love so you can your music too.

The accept music from all varies of artist who are truly a person who desire to serve the Lord, and give others strength each time they hear a song.

Come on, send your music in, let it be heard by millions but let it bless anyone who truly need it. Changing lives is truly what we love to help do, so why not join in and help someone too.

Music Submission: air-play@praize365.net

Information Office: info-center@praize365.net

Interview Request is selected by the host of the show.

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