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Develop A Strong Relationship

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The best thing in life happens within a strong relationship.

A podcast designed so that you can learn better ways to relate to others, yourself, and God.

Hear from trained therapists and other experts on relationships.

Our Story

What began as a simple a weekend workshop for couples grew into something much greater.

Over the years, our passion grew into a mission: equipping people to grow and excel in healthy personal and professional relationships.

Grounded in modern research, neurobiology, attachment science, and faith, our events, trainings and materials help people discover the security, confidence, and connection they long for.

Today, we continue our marriage focus with marriage workshops and marriage intensives. We train therapists through groups, events and online courses in therapeutic approaches integrating attachment science and faith. We work with corporations to improve the relationships of their teams and employees through a series of corporate trainings on Empathy and Relational Engagement.

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