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A degree of praise.

In the facts of many individuals who have different ways to praise the Lord, I truly believe that all praises unto the Lord is more valuable then anything else in this world. I do my best each day I open up my eyes, to grant praise to the Lord, thanking...

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Re-Connector Platform

There are many different internet radio station, different online seminaries and different churches now building platforms so that they are able to share with the world their church services and sermons. But recently I was able to seek out one ministry that continues to strive and achieve different goals, as...

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Who Am I? One of the Spiritual Personality

It’s a common phenomenon: You’re flipping radio stations when you pause to listen to a pop-rock song, and then think, possibly in horror … “Wait a second … is this … RELIGIOUS?” For some people, this is terribly disconcerting, especially if they actually like the song. (“OMG, am I now a Christian...

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